Diary of an Awo Boy- Segun’s Famous Return

With his two hands folded behind his back like that of a man regretting every on his actions, his blue shirt flowed recklessly over his long pair of trousers, his much treasured black trouser. His pair of suede shoes had been re-patterned by the random dusts the roads have graciously offered, sweat had made a mockery of the several hours he spent in front of the mirror before his famous departure, he had been Bancied.   The air around him

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About Me

My life’s journey is that of many parts, every day I try to bring all the parts to an agreement, but I am yet to succeed at that, or maybe I shouldn’t even be trying to do it, I really don’t know yet- but while at it, I try to find how each part makes me better, and how each part can make the society better

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