Still, Embrace

They say the best things in life are free

But I still need the ben to buy a Bentley

What if we say some of the good things in life are free,

And the rest you pay?

A good name is better than millions

But I have seen good names that can not open doors

What if we say a name is good, only if it carries worth?

Invest, Save for the future,

but what if you are a Nigeran,

And the regular armed robbers’ attack?

Inflation on the right,

Fx volatility on the left

Nigeria’s version of- your money or your life.

See a trend, jump on it, you might sell a bag,

Even shoes but you will never sell a yacht

One size hardly fits all

Matthew got a master’s at 19, and became a manager at 25

On Kaduna- Abuja road he was kidnapped, shot in the head

Kadri escaped to Canada, got lynched by a racist mob

Maybe we all don’t know as much as we think

Humility points out how much we don’t control

So, what is worth it?

Maybe to live the present to the fullest,

And the future? Maybe it’s not our business

After all, our best chances at success have been largely stumbled upon than planned

Time and chance

Chance and time

A bottle of whiskey is a bottle of whiskey- mix it

Shake to some rhythms, enjoy the daily beats of life

Share bliss at Ibiza

Love today, love wildly

Stretch your arms to a warm embrace,

It could be the first to forever, it could be the last to cherish forever

Still, embrace

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