So I watched Royal Hibiscus Hotel

So last night I watched Royal Hibiscus Hotel, well this is what happens when you follow Don Jazzy and Mo Abudu on Instagram, they make it look as if the movie is the next best thing after black Panther, by the way I have not watched Black Panther, ehn, Anyway, Black Panther is on schedule as well

Royal Hibiscus is a brilliant movie, simple story line and great interpretation. Anyways, in those days when Yoruba actors wanted to introduce a new movie, they would talk about the lessons from the movie, so here I am with lessons from Royal Hibiscus Hotel:

· Dear ladies, when a guy is overly confident (even if he takes cabs to see you), not bothered by your background, shows no shock when he eventually finds out your family may be rich, do not ask him if he is rich, It means he is rich and does not feel threatened by whatever you can or may be. Once you ask him and he confirms, then he begins to wonder if the only reason you are with him is because of his wealth, so know, and keep shut. MONEY MAKES A GUY VERY CONFIDENT- I JUST TOLD YOU

· Dear young men, know how to cook Noodles and egg, don’t be so unfortunate that you cannot even try that- offer to cook noodles one day, that way she thinks you can cook, even if that’s all you can do.

· Dear men, if you want to get her to talk and smile, take her to the penthouse at Eko Hotel, order the best only. Trust me, it works all the time. even if has no plans for you, she will pity how much you have spent and at-least offer you smile and chat. Give your hustle steam guys

· Dear young men, be rich, I repeat be rich, if you are not, please choose how you fall in love, where you fall in love and who you fall in love, no need giving yourself unnecessary emotional trauma- or how do you run after a lady from Nigeria to London just to tell her you love her- if a girl gets angry and runs away from me now, do I even have visa let alone ticket? Omo, o lo niyen o

And yes, I think love is a beautiful thing, RHH movie isn’t a bad at all if you believe love can happen spontaneously, it does not require too much struggle, the two of you just flow with the rhythm unknowingly, even when you fight, you can’t stop it.

The more anyone struggles within to make love work should even be a red flag.

But then, do not take this too seriously, it is just a movie

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