I heard people are all we have, all that matters

Maybe I heard late, maybe

But I am by the door already,

Deep in thoughts.

Alone again,

Just as dreaded.

Perhaps I saw it coming, perhaps I didn’t

Roof shattered; windows broken

The door hangs on a tiny nail

The next wind will blow it away

The cloud is gathered,

The darkness can be held,

and I am here, helpless

I chased them away, the friends with nails,

The big men with hammers no longer come here

The rain will fall, it will fall with anger

This door will break, but I hope this umbrella stands

I hope another hand joins to hold it

I hope there is someone left who cares

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About Me

My life’s journey is that of many parts, every day I try to bring all the parts to an agreement, but I am yet to succeed at that, or maybe I shouldn’t even be trying to do it, I really don’t know yet- but while at it, I try to find how each part makes me better, and how each part can make the society better

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