Reflections As February 23rd Hits Us

It is another four years and we are here for the usual ritual- elections. The same narrative is going on- don’t waste your vote, there are only two candidates, the rest are jokers, same thing we do every four years. Perhaps it is not a lie that they are jokers- especially when you realize that most of them are hungry people who sought other means for relevance and money- or how do you explain how same Eunice who couldn’t raise money for campaign was out of nowhere able to raise enough money to mobilize her National Interest Party members to vote for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. Perhaps you may also think they are jokers when you remember that Moghalu, Fela Durotoye, Sowore, with the support of Ezekwesili could not even organize themselves to present the most formidable amongst them and support such when common sense shows that individually they stand no chance- or perhaps the bigger joke is that as the elections drew closer, majority of the new guys have endorsed either of the two major candidates, the very structures they promised to pull down when they came out

The situation is no doubt more depressing, especially when you remember the VP debate where the abilities of the new comers to select the best amongst us was to be tested and they left much to be desired. The truth is that the third force is no force, at least in 2019, but I wonder if it is enough reason to throw out all the good signs we saw, but no, I don’t think so!

For twenty years we have started this stretch in our democracy, five administrations have come, the fifth is packing- we have had four different presidents, in all they have failed to deliver a Nigeria of our dreams. Every election period they re-group, they contest under different platforms same old people are in both APC and PDP, they have been tried five times, and none is better than the other- and worst still, they do not apologize for the failures and destruction they have brought on the nation. PDP is campaigning on the failures of the past, while the APC is campaigning on the failures of the present- either PDP or APC, the country is still doomed to have same narrative for the next four years.

I am of the honest opinion that tomorrow’s election is between the PDP and the APC as I do not think any of the new comers has done enough work to unseat either of them- but I will leave enough room for surprises, or what will this world be without surprise?

Either the APC or the PDP may win but that does not mean we will have two candidates on the ballot tomorrow, we will have several. It is widely rumoured that voting for any of the new guys is helping either of the major parties to win, I do not think we need to be scared of this anymore, a man on the ground needs not be afraid of failing anymore, a vote for the PDP or the APC is already wasted, why not expand the wastage by voting for whoever represent anything close to the ideals you look for in a presidential candidate- the truth is, the worst of the new guys is better than the best of the old politicians- they may lack structure and political experience, but it is a shame if in an election where there is General Muhammadu Buhari, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Prof Kingsley Moghalu, Fela Durotoye, and Omoyele Sowore- we regard voting for the latter three candidates as wasting votes, what then do we call voting for the first two? Could it be voting for another four years of mediocrity?

It is an election, every vote will count, no vote will be wasted. So let us go and vote for our conscience, APC and PDP have pushed us to the ground already, perhaps in the future we may stand, We can start the process today by making a bold statement with our votes, the type that shows whoever wins that the people are awake and that it is a matter of time for them to be dethroned and forgotten forever if they fail to do the right thing starting with 2019-

Lanre Daniels Adeoye

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