Movie Plot

This play starts with no preamble

We don’t need it anymore, we know the plot,

We can write it.

We know the cinema too, but the narrator takes no chance,

He dangles his green-white-green cap, rubs his moustache and stays,

Take the tarred road at Monatan but he warns you to mind the potholes.

He says,

when you get to Orita-Meta, park your car, the road is bad, it can’t go beyond it.

Take an Okada from there to Kiriji, it should be 100 naira to the Cinema,

but now that workers are on strike and there is fuel scarcity, let’s say 200naira.

Your Okada can’t go beyond Kiriji, except you are willing to fall he warns,

At this point he smiles at your misery, he is not bothered, he knows you will come.

There is a canoe at Kiriji he says, but no life jacket, just pray to God for protection.

For your trouble there is a play,

A young girl hawks Orange at 10am on a Monday morning,

At night she sleeps under a bridge,

A young boy high on weed sees her, in his hands are bottles of ogidiga

At his sight the crowd screams “Awon omo science student”

And she was raped, but the crowd was still laughing,

She got pregnant, but the crowd was still laughing,

And when she died, the crowd was fighting for the Coke the narrator provided

No one noticed, no one remembered her, she had no name.

The movie will end,

in four years, we will come again to watch,

We always do

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