Dribbles: Now, Let’s Ride Together

So, I decided to try my hands on something new, write a play, and yes I did. I finished it and kept it under wraps for a very long time. I guess I have developed enough courage to put it out now. it is titled, DRIBBLES

I can’t remember what made me write this play, I can only remember what I set out to achieve and why I tried writing a play at all. Of course, If you read it, you will most likely notice a major influence on my style, Prof. Ola Rotimi, I like easy to read books, and, of course, humorous satire hurts no one.

I had Nigeria in mind, I often think you can write about a country through the eyes of a family, much easier when it is Nigeria. In Dribbles, I tried to write about some aspects of political leadership in Nigeria with less than 10 characters.  You should read to let me know if I made a good attempt

I wanted a play that could be performed by a small crew, so instead of creating several characters, I made Aderoju’s character the type that could evolve. Afterall, humans evolve, innit? Ajike is a favourite and the reason is easy. She is like a typical market woman who is not brought into major conversations because she is not expected to have enough knowledge to make significant contributions. Ajike is however not bothered by these wrong assumptions, she allows the power brokers, the men who own penthouses stay in their folly, but exploits it. Every time she is in need, she knows the weakness of every person, every institution, and extracts treasure per time. Muraina’s ambition seems easy, and Akanji, how do you even place him except you read and decide for yourself

I will like to hear your feedback, most importantly, the strengths and weaknesses of the story.

It is available on Okadabooks– click Dribbles on Okada  to order

It is also available on Amazon– click Dribbles on Amazon to order

Dribbles is here, let us ride together.

I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you.

Lanre Daniels Adeoye

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