Diary of an Awo Boy (Part One)

Diary of an Awo boy- Part one

My elder sister, Adetutu, had always told me, “When you fall in love, you will know it”, and every time I had nodded in the affirmative, the last nod was faster that the ‘killer knocks’ of our area’s Ileya Rams’ Combat champion, Kuuru, five knocks were its longest before the defeat of any Ram.

My life at the University was a lot managed, I had a scheduled time to sleep and another to wake, I mostly made sure these periods were followed religiously. 5 am was the magic hour for waking, I woke with my pen in my hand, perhaps I slept with it, perhaps.

The atmosphere in Awo hall was as expected given the large number of students in the hostel, there was no cool breeze from anywhere, the heat from different rooms had neutralized it. The school made provision for six students in most of the rooms, students made other plans. Perhaps from my bed pace which had two students instead of one, or the spaces in front of bed two and four which had different numbers ranging from four to five to six depending on the number of “homeless“ students at each night. We actually knew ourselves; we just didn’t bother to check how many we were, besides, who cares.

Different people had different activities for the period, while it was my wake-up hour, it was study period for a roommate, for another, it was the time to cook beans. Awo Pastors could choose your floor for their early morning evangelism, on days it was your floor’s turn, a lot of your plan could be altered.

they could start like this:

“Morning Awo brothers, I come to you in the name of the Lord. I hope I have not woken you this morning, if I have, I apologize,”

The part where they ask if they have not woken us at 5am is always funny, it is 5am bro, how is the answer to your question that hard?

There are different fellowships, the theme of the message is enough to tell you the fellowship. For fellowships. like TACSFON, CACSA, CACYOF, DLCF, and ECU – the preachers start like this, they hardly apologize, and it is always as if they are dragging your soul from the gate of hell

“Awo brothers, hear the voice of the Lord, for how long will you continue in sin, turn away from the path that leads to destruction, the judgment of the Lord is coming, it is imminent. The fornication you plan to do today, stop it, it could destroy your destiny, stop fornicating, the judgement of the Lord is coming…….

Boys hardly love them, especially those who had plans for the day, plans the preachers just hammered on.

But you see those from Believers love world fellowship, the ones people call “bellewu”, Kingsword, Livingword, they had special flavours, they drew less anger from boys

““Morning Awo brothers, I come to you in the name of the Lord. I hope I have not woken you this morning, if I have, I apologize. But how can I see this great table the lord has prepared for you and not share with you. Brothers you are mighty, you can do anything, just believe you can, the bible says I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me……”

Argh, they always come and go in peace, less drama. Sometimes it becomes funny when boys open the window and realize the preacher was one of their guys, you will hear

“See that werey, na him dey date Jennifer, and that Chioma in Drama o, Oloshi, we go meet for new Buka tonight”

I jumped off the bed, “I’m doing it today, it must be perfect, I’m doing it” I reached for my writing pad and searched for the best way to open the conversation

Should I start with

“Sweetheart, we have come a long way, from a crowded place to a place big enough for just you and I…..”

No, I crossed it out, we are not trying to rent a room. Okay, let me use her oriki,

“Ajike, the beautiful queen who captured my heart even before I knew it.

Our words started as whispers, and now, our words are loud enough just for you and I,

And why should it be louder, when it is a world meant for just you and I”

For a while I thought u had the right words, only for me to cross it out again.

Okay, this was how it started, Esther was for me love at first sight, she was the first lady I saw in class during SSC 102’s first lecture. In a crowded class, she stood out. She had the looks that could bring a king to his knees, a king like me. I tried to get close on same day but I couldn’t, my heart failed me, I was too much in awe.

It however didn’t take long for me to realize we were in same class, the merciful God brought my love home, just about same time, I was made the class Governor, what could have been more perfect?

The role made it impossible for me not to talk to her, oh the good part, she had no choice but to talk to me as well, and I made it count, we became friends. Her assignments were my responsibility, the few ones she did herself, I made sure I went to her hostel to collect it, I served her!

We no longer shook hands, we hugged, I made sure those hugs were tight, and they lasted longer. She was a figure eight, so while my hands could not travel downwards at the back, I made do with all the contact I could get in front, it was bliss, perfect bliss. But I wanted more, and I was ready for it, Afterall we were always together, I knew she loved me, she was just waiting for me to say it

While the words were not jiving, I knew I was going to do it on that day, at a point I beat my chest and screamed “I’m the man” but it’s Awo Hall, who cares, the only response I got was from a guy who screamed in response, “Guy, na early morning your craze come today? I envy you o, my own craze no dey come unless I’m hungry” but it’s Awo Hall, and it is the Obafemi Awolowo University.

At exactly 8pm I was set, I was on the road. It had to be at night, if not for anything but to obey the university’s unwritten constitution, “Ask girls out at night”

While it was a longer route to my destination, I took the exit at Awo Annex, and straight up, I was at AngloMoz, the land where most OAU boys developed the courage to ask ladies out. I needed the motivation.

At different corners, I saw my fellow brothers doing the lord’s work, a perfect description of the biblical male and female created He them. While I appreciated my brothers, I took my mind off every Mozambique or Alumni queen who shared the health centre path with me,

“lailai, I will not be distracted, tonight, Moremi is my destination…”

“E gba mi o, e gba mi o” was the noise that switched off my thought and brought me back to the environment. The distraction was however for a moment, as I saw his pair of jeans, I only needed his conclusion “Iwe n le mi o Iwe n le mi o” to confirm it was just another Awo boy having a field day.

I was at the Zebra, finally, I was there, I was at Moremi, the theater of dreams, at least for me that night.

 “Are you saying it is over”

the young man said with a voice that made a mockery of his manliness, the lady just smiled and responded,

 “Omotola, but it was good while it lasted, you really can’t meet my needs, not anymore, I need a guy who can pay my bills, not just a bookworm like you, it’s final year, please” the latter part she said on her way out of the guy’s face, it was the end of a relationship. “These Moremi ladies are heartless o, she even said please”

I said to myself, “see as a young man dey shiver for night”.

I had to summon courage, “my lady is different, and it is going down tonight, I will tell her how much I love her…” 

I continued counting my steps, slowed down to catch my breath, then another distraction, a massive jeep as Lekan would say, “how could a student park a jeep here, is he Diezani Maduekwe’s son?” I mused to myself; he must be waiting for someone. But a deeper look, this blue top, I knew it, the voice couldn’t be mistaken, I picked my phone, a Nokia 3310, already on silent mode. Who would want that kind of phone to ring at Moremi in 2013?

I dialed her number, but it didn’t ring, I felt relieved, it must be a  look alike, and just then, she picked, was even the first to scream

“sweetheart” but the voice came from the jeep, “I’m outside, where are you?”

Before I could say a word, she responded with “oh I can see you, come towards the jeep”

at least she was honest, I thought.

She jumped off the car and hugged me, “oh, maybe he’s her brother “, I heaved a great sigh of relief.

Quickly she took me to the guy, three phones were in his hands, the three I had never seen till then and after, would have written their names. The smoothness of his skin could make a mirror a no necessity, then his voice, he spoke the Queen’s English, and his courtesy was second to none -a gentleman.

“Tayo, meet Phillip, my Class Governor, the one I spoke with you about, he does most of my assignments, calls me to tell me about classes, Babe, you won’t believe this, you remember that day you took me out for shopping?”

he nodded in affirmation

“ I missed a class, but he was in that class, the lecturer got angry, decided to take attendance, but Phillip wrote my name instead of his own, I ended with an A in that course but he had an E. he just stays in Awo, he is a Faj Boy, this guy is sweet” and Phillip she continued, “meet my boyfriend, Tayo, he is the love of my life”

The guy didn’t even shake me, he got down from his car and hugged me, and what did he know?

My smiles were beyond normal, if he had noticed, he would have known I was hiding something under it, but what is the sense in fighting a lost battle? Anyway, he gave me #5000, had to collect it, I couldn’t lose on both grounds, it was obvious Esther will ever be a dream, possibly a dream forever, and the words in my head, maybe I will keep them till my time comes, if it ever comes.




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