A Dark Place

I have been here many times

With arms stretched wide yet hugged by an empty space.

Those quiet days of reckless thoughts

Days of several pieces, yet nothing to piece together

I have heard the drums of war from afar

Some were so near that even a man with partial sight could see

I heard he who stands with bare hands between Ogedemgbe and Ogunmola won’t be remembered by his kinsmen

Yes, he will be slaughtered, but the war will still be about Ogedemgbe and Ogunmola.

But where do you then stand, I ask

Is it a dark place?

Or the pool of blood of slain warriors whose names will never be heard nor remembered

“Life is war”

I have heard several it times that it no longer breeds reflections

Perhaps, life is a war nobody wins

Or maybe some win

Or some just have an illusion of victory

Victory on the right, more obstacles on the left,

Then the usual consolation, “With whom much is given, much is expected”

Yet nobody asks, can’t less be the reward for victory?

He is a good man, but……

Nigerian girls have perfected a letdown, it is the way the winner hugs whoever comes second

“You gave a good fight”

If he did, how come he didn’t win.

And just as the winner celebrates, he is told he just qualified for another round

Maybe nobody wins,

Maybe every praise is just some form of consolation

And we are all in a dark place searching for the first bright light without stains

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About Me

My life’s journey is that of many parts, every day I try to bring all the parts to an agreement, but I am yet to succeed at that, or maybe I shouldn’t even be trying to do it, I really don’t know yet- but while at it, I try to find how each part makes me better, and how each part can make the society better

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