Three Months in Marriage: A Learner’s Diary!

May 15th, 2020- Its three months of marriage already, and I have probably emptied all my pre wedding ideas. I had so many ideas of how to make marriage work, but I must agree with this fact, we all learn in the process. I know we do tik-tok videos, and all, those are the easy parts fam  My initial plan was to write about a couple of my marriage experiences every month, but I had to think about what my

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Broda Muri and Ramadan Shenanigans

“Muriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” That was my father, he has a way of stretching names, mine was “lanreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” perhaps he stretched everyone’s name to show the importance attached every time he needed anyone’s attention. I grew up in a large family, quite a number of uncles and cousins, perhaps the fact that both my mother and father were their respective fathers’ first child dropped the responsibility at their doorstep. Most of the egbons however were Muslims, and interestingly they were all older than

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Diary of an Awo Boy- Segun’s Famous Return

With his two hands folded behind his back like that of a man regretting every on his actions, his blue shirt flowed recklessly over his long pair of trousers, his much treasured black trouser. His pair of suede shoes had been re-patterned by the random dusts the roads have graciously offered, sweat had made a mockery of the several hours he spent in front of the mirror before his famous departure, he had been Bancied.   The air around him

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Diary of an Awo Boy (Part One)

Diary of an Awo boy- Part one My elder sister, Adetutu, had always told me, “When you fall in love, you will know it”, and every time I had nodded in the affirmative, the last nod was faster that the ‘killer knocks’ of our area’s Ileya Rams’ Combat champion, Kuuru, five knocks were its longest before the defeat of any Ram. My life at the University was a lot managed, I had a scheduled time to sleep and another to

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So I got married – The Wedding and the Boys Who Wanted to Bring a Hotel Down (Part Two)

I think it is key that people establish a few things when they want to plan their wedding, things like what they want, and check if those things are possible given available means. I think this is important because there is so much noise about weddings these days, everybody seems to know how best to plan for it, they seem to forget it is just the bride and groom who don’t get another chance, they are the people who really

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So I got married- The Pre-Wedding’s “What Exactly Have You Done” (Part One)

My name is Lanre Daniels Adeoye, and this is my wedding story…     I will do this in three parts: -The Pre-Wedding’s “What exactly have you done” -The Wedding and the boys who wanted to bring a hotel down -The  Proud village Boy Okay I am not writing a Nollywood script, so time to get serious. I got married February 14th-15th 2020, a Val weekend plus just a week to my birthday, and no I didn’t suggest the date, not sure

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I met Olodo by accident, and of course I call him egbon, he is much older yet very respectful. The following day after our chance meeting, we met again at IK’s shop, IK sells rice at Babangida market. Olodo was the first to see me “Good afternoon bros, how is your wife and family” Well, I don’t have a wife yet, but I have found out there is no need to explain when asked so I gave the simple answer, “they

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Agbotikuyo “Did you say Agbotikuyo, like to rejoice at the sound of death” I had to ask again to confirm I heard him correctly. Not that I was a stranger to such names, but this just took a different dimension to it. I had been to Aba elesu inside Wofun Olodo In Ibadan. One of my mother’s good friend lived at Ajangboju, also in Ibadan. Agbotikuyo just added a layer of weirdness to it, perhaps the name had a purpose, to

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An Ibadan Boy’s Baptism


For some of us that were born and raised in Ibadan, it is easy to take all the great things the city offer for granted, we are used to it, we expect it, it does not amuse us anymore. This situation continues until you move away from the city for a long time and you reminisce, like last night. I had one of those moments when I remembered my baptism to the true spirit of Ibadan, the spirit that gives more

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So I watched Royal Hibiscus Hotel


So last night I watched Royal Hibiscus Hotel, well this is what happens when you follow Don Jazzy and Mo Abudu on Instagram, they make it look as if the movie is the next best thing after black Panther, by the way I have not watched Black Panther, ehn, Anyway, Black Panther is on schedule as well Royal Hibiscus is a brilliant movie, simple story line and great interpretation. Anyways, in those days when Yoruba actors wanted to introduce a new

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