It’s that song The one abelejayan couldn’t put a verse to Bata, bata,  bata bata It’s the song, Bata, bata, bata bata The drums scream Aringbere jumps to the sides Tapes of the generously sown dansiki held with both hands He swirls in a circle Twirls, swirls, spins   He Flashes bitter cola partitioned teeth And the words- Bata bata bata bata It’s the song that shares joy The drummers beat with laughter, The dancers beam of joy, With calabashes

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About Me

About Me

My life’s journey is that of many parts, every day I try to bring all the parts to an agreement, but I am yet to succeed at that, or maybe I shouldn’t even be trying to do it, I really don’t know yet- but while at it, I try to find how each part makes me better, and how each part can make the society better

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